5 Tips for going to Comic Con with a Toddler

This past weekend we went to the local Comic Con. We are from a smaller town, so this particular convention was much smaller than the ones found in cities like Orlando or San Diego. However, it is a lot of fun and a bunch of people turn up every year.

This year we went with the little one, who is one year old now. Going to Comic Con with a toddler is VERY different than going with just adults. I learned some valuable information that I wanted to pass along. Note: Most of this advice is for parents who want to cosplay as well as bring their children along to the event. If you can manage it, it can be a great time with lots of great photo opportunities!

#1 – Make sure your costume can incorporate some kind of bag

First, check to see if you are allowed to bring in any bags. If so, then find some way to incorporate a diaper bag, backpack, or tote into your outfit. There will be booths handing out swag, and you may need to carry things like diapers and cameras with you. There are a lot of different costumes that could work with a bag. When I went, I cosplayed as Star Fox (from the Nintendo game). While the character doesn’t normally have a bag, I had a grey backpack diaper bag that had a space patch on it. It worked well into the costume and I was able to carry anything I needed. It was a chance to be creative. 🙂

#2 – Try to bring with a stroller/carrier

When you go to these events, things are VERY crowded! It can be easy to lose someone in the throngs of people. I brought with the stroller to this Comic Con. I will admit: it was hard to maneuver through the aisles with the stroller, but I was so glad I had it. I could have easily lost sight of the LO in the crowds. It can also be hard for people to see in their costumes, so it is good to have the LO off the floors.

#3 – Go easy on the props

You will end up having a bunch of things to carry. If possible, try to find a costume that will not require that your hands be occupied the whole time.

#4 – Find a cosplay outfit that is easy to move around in

Whenever I go to Comic Con, I always see very beautiful, amazing outfits that are terrible for free movement. This is great if you are trying to win the costume contest, horrible if you are trying to keep a one year old next to you.

#5 – Find an exit strategy for everywhere you go

At any given moment, you may need to breakaway. The baby might start crying, they could announce some speaker that will create a mad rush, or you may see a scary costume you want to keep away from the LO. If possible, pick up a map of the area from the information stand. Otherwise, when you enter an area, try to survey your surroundings before you go in to far.

Hope these tips will help!


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