August 2019 Summary (first month)

On this journey, I want to be transparent about my progress. This way I will be more motivated to make progress if I am sharing it with the whole world. I feel the best way to show my progress is to post my “standings” regularly. At this point I plan to upload stats every mont, but I may cut that back if it gets too annoying. 🙂

Please see below for my current progress on my photographic and blog journey:


Editor’s Favorites (this month): 0

Editor’s Favorites (total): 1

Assignment Publications (this month): 0

Assignment Publications (total): 0

Daily Dozen Publications (this month): 0

Daily Dozen Publications (total): 0

Followers: 27


Images uploaded and approved (this month): 9

Images uploaded (total): 29

Number of downloads (this month): 0

Number of downloads (total): 0


Number of new followers (this month): 4

Number of followers (total): 4

Social Media

Facebook Followers: 0

Pinterest Followers: 0

Instagram Followers: NA

Since this is my first month, I did not plan for the numbers to be very high. I am excited to see what everything looks like next month!


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