Bridesmaid Tips: 10 things to make the big day go smoother

Bridesmaid Tips

10 things to make the big day go smoother

#1 – Make your own emergency kit: For both the ceremony and for decorating the venue

You see many tips on what the bride should pack in her “day of” kit. But what about the bridesmaids? You could have your own “emergencies” to deal with, and the last thing you want to do is bother the bride and use up her resources. Pretty much what the bride packs in hers is what you will pack in yours. You can download my emergency list under the “Printables” section of my site or by clicking on

Besides having a kit for the day of the ceremony, it is good to have one for decorating the venue as well. That can be an overlooked area. I am working on a checklist for decorating, and will post it as soon as it is available. 🙂

#2 – Arrive everywhere EARLY

Plan on being everywhere at least 15 minutes before you need to be there. That will give you some extra wiggle room if there are traffic delays, or if you have to make a side detour.

#3 – Pack different shoes for getting ready

If you are wearing heels for the ceremony and you are not very comfortable in them, you may want different shoes for getting ready in. This is also helpful because sometimes photographers like to get photos of the bridal party shoes all together. This way you have other shoes to wear while your other ones are getting photographed.

#4 – Remember the gift!

With everything going on, it can be very easy to forget the gift. You get to the destination, see the overflowing gift table, then realize why you had that nagging feeling you forgot something. It has happened to several people I know (myself included). If possible, you can put it in your car the night before. Or, have everything you are taking gathered by the door. Make sure the gift is included with them. This will help when you are scrambling to get out the door with everyone.

#5 – Be sure to eat

Rehearsal dinner, speech writing, getting your hair done, running to the store to buy fingernail polish when the bride realizes she forgot hers. With everything going on, meal time can come and go without you even realizing it.

But then you get to stand at the front of the crowd, next to the bride, and you can start feeling light headed. Dizzy. You might even possibly faint. Be sure to eat a hearty breakfast with a good amount of protein. If it is an evening wedding, don’t forget lunch. Also, be sure to pack a snack in your emergency kit that will have what you need to keep you going.

#6 – Charge your electronics

It may be second nature, since most of us don’t let our phones get below a 50% charge, but remember to charge your phone and any other electronics you may be taking. This can include cameras, laptops, sound systems, and more. The last thing you will want is to see your phone is dying and you will not be able to take that great family photo that everyone else is getting.

#7 – Don’t forget to smile!

I was in a wedding once where right before I went down the aisle, things started going haywire. My flower girl ran off without me, the ground was thick mud and my tiny heels kept sinking in, and the sun made a glare so I couldn’t tell where I was walking. The photographer captured the “magic moment” of me walking down to join the rest of the bridal party. I looked positively angry in that photo. It looked like a photo that belonged in the DMV and not at my dear friend’s wedding. And now that photo is immortalized in a photo album somewhere.

Now, even if things are going bad, I take a moment before I walk down. I tell myself to smile, and walk slow. I try to be purposeful and make sure I focus on my smile and my walk. Remember – there are many cameras in the crowd! This is also a big day for your friend/relative – remembering that can help put a smile on the face. 🙂

#8 – Wear a wide neck shirt or buttons for getting ready

Normally your hair will be done before you put on your dress. It can be hard to remember that far ahead with everything else that is going on. When you are doing your hair and makeup, be sure to wear a shirt that won’t interfere with your hair when you remove it. That can either be something with a really wide or stretchy neck, or a shirt with buttons or a zipper.

#9 – Practice wearing similar shoes to the ones you will wear in the ceremony

If you are a flats girl, and you are going to wearing heels in the ceremony, it is good to practice with similar shoes beforehand!

#10 – Pack clothes that you can wear to help clean up in.

If you are able, you will be expected to stay behind and help clean up the venue. This allows the happy couple to head off on their honeymoon and not worry about cleaning. There could be all kinds of things you need to do: Pack gifts into a car, pack extra food away, sweep floors, take out trashes, etc. Make sure you have clothes that you can easily clean up in and you don’t mind possibly getting food or cleaner on. This includes comfy shoes to wear!


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