Can I document an event with just pictures of feet?

Interesting challenge: What do you do when you are at a photo-worthy event and no one wants to be in any Facebook photos? One option is to just not post any photos. Another is to take one good photo with no one in it and just use that photo.

Or you can be like me and document what your feet are doing. A group of friends and myself were at a local fun park for a bachelorette party. I started out by taking just one of my feet, and liked how it turned out. So I decided to keep on taking pictures of my clodhoppers.

Pros: My feet don’t complain about getting their picture taken. Also, it is a whole new perspective on the event. I enjoyed taking this creative approach and trying something new. I feel like I would try this again, and see if I could take better photos.

Downside: You get a lot of strange looks from the other members of your group when you keep pointing your camera at your own toes. Plus, holding up a game of mini golf so you can pose on the course doesn’t go over well. 🙂

My feet inside the Go-Carts

My feet playing mini-golf.

My feet waiting to play a game of laser tag.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and creative week!


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