Capturing the Day: St. Nicholas Day

Today is a most festive day: St. Nicholas Day. As it was explained to me as a child, this was the day when good boys and girls write letters to St. Nicholas. They then put the letter in their shoe, and leave the shoe outside their bedroom door. That night St. Nicholas comes for the letter. If the child has been good, they will find candy in their shoe. If they were bad, they will find coal. If they find coal, it gives them a little time to turn the tables before Christmas!

There are different variations of the tradition, including leaving the shoes on the fireplace mantle or receiving fruit in the shoes instead of candy. At the heart of the holiday, it is a great way to celebrate a Saint that was known for his generosity.

Photos to Take

Be sure to get before and after shots of the shoes: One with the letter and one with the candy. Try getting low to the ground or taking directly above shots. Also get shots of the letter outside of the shot.

Daddy Shoe, Mommy Shoe, Baby Shoe!
Letters to Santa
The letter is read, and the goodies are in the shoes!

Happy St. Nicholas Day!


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