Fourth of July photo setup for toddlers

Looking for something fun to document your little one on the Fourth of July? Try this simple Fourth of July photo setup! It can be modified to use the items you have around your house or studio as well.

This is a fun setup for your backyard if you have toddlers as guests, are wanting to do a calendar of the different seasons, or are doing a Fourth of July mini shoot. This could also work for other patriotic holidays. Due to the smaller setup, this could also work for pet portraits.

Below I have listed the details of what I used for my setup, and at the end are photo details in case you just want to look at images for inspiration. 🙂


The advantage to this Fourth of July photo setup is that there are not a lot of props involved. There is also nothing that is time consuming to create.

  • Rocking Horse: I chose the rocking horse mainly because I already had it. 🙂 Plus it was blue, which worked perfect with the color scheme. Look around your house or studio and see what you can have the toddler sit on for the photo. Besides a rocking horse, you can also consider a wagon, small seesaw, wooden crate, lounge chair, or something else that is red, white or blue.
  • Garland: The garlands I used came from the Dollar Tree, so cost savings! It is seasonal though, so you can only find it during the early summer. The particular garland I used was blue with flecks of white and red tinsel in it. However, you could also use a solid red, white, or blue garland. I used two garlands, but you could also use one or three
  • Red, White, and Blue tinsel Star: The tinsel star in this setup came from Michael’s Craft Store. It was originally $10, but was on sale for $5. It ended up working well for the scene!
  • Red, White, and Blue pom poms: These also came from the Dollar Tree, and they come two to a pack. So it was only $3 for the 6 of them.
  • Marine Corps Bear: This bear is special to us, so it was perfect to use in the shoot. I had the toddler hold it for the photo. There are once again options for what the child can hold here: Flag, stuffed eagle, pinwheel, pom pom, Coke Cola bottle, Popsicle, and more.


I used a basic wood backdrop from Amazon. Here is the link to the specific backdrop I used: NOTE: At this time this is not an affiliate link. I like using the wooden backdrop, because it is so versatile. However, I did need to put a sheet behind it because it was kind of see-through. This setup could also work with white wood or a brick wall.

Scene Setup

Setting Up

Start by hanging up the background. I have a backdrop crossbar, so I used that. The scene was set up so the poles were 57″ high and 78″ across. The background was then just clamped my background to the poles. Avoid my mistake, and make sure to get any wrinkles out before shooting! You can see where my backdrop dips along the sides. You can clip the sides of the background to prevent this from happening ( I figured this out after the shoot!).

Backdrop Decorations

Next I hung up the garlands. I hung two of them from corner-to-corner. I then pulled the middle up to create loops on either side (see images). However, I did off-center the dip so that the star would not be directly above my subject. On the right, the center of the dip was about 19 inches from the top of the backdrop. On the left, the center of the dip was about 12 inches down.

After the garlands were adjusted, i hung up the star. I used two bent paperclips as a hook. I just hooked the star to one of the many clamps I had along the top of the backdrop. The tip of the star hung about 6 1/2 inches from the top of the backdrop.

Main Props

After that, I then setup the rocking horse and the pom poms. I had to play around with the placement of the pom poms, and there are many different options for them! For one scene I had them just along the base of the backdrop. In another scene, I had them scattered in the background and foreground. Both looked good, although I think I preferred them just against the backdrop. I encourage you to play around and see what works best for your own setup. 🙂

And that was it! The scene is now ready for shooting. If you want to see the pictures, please see below.


I hope you enjoyed this post and Fourth of July photo setup! If you did, please checkout other holiday photo setups by going here:

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