Goodbye YourShot, it has been a journey

I sit here on Halloween, the festivities for the day are done. The LO is sleeping away, tired from a fun day of costumes and candy. The husband is unwinding with a YouTube video. I am resting my very tired feet. It has been a good day, marked with the fun that accompanies this holiday.

However, as the evening closes, it is also a somber moment for me. The photography community that I have been a part of for so long is coming to an end today. YourShot is a site run by National Geographic, and it was a place for photographers from all levels could come submit their works of art. For more information about YourShot, please see my other post “End of an Era: YourShot is going away.”

The first photo I ever submitted was over 6 years ago. It was a rare find, a baby walking stick. I remember uploading it, and within minutes I got my first comment “Great shot! Please promise you’ll post more.” And I did! I ended up posting 52 photos over the past 6 years. I could have uploaded more, but I only wanted to submit my best of the best.

My first photo on NG YourShot

I remember so many people posting photos of such tender, dear moments for them. Loved ones on their death bed, people giving birth, and so on. I remember one woman posting a self portrait. She was sitting down, and upright in her lap was a picture of her younger self. She had her head leaning against the picture, and was looking fore lonely into the distance. The caption said how she missed her youth, and that she didn’t feel beautiful anymore. She had wished that someone would have told her that she was going to miss being young and vibrant so much. The picture won an award (I can’t remember if it was Daily Dozen or an assignment). The community rallied around her, and posted such loving and supportive messages on her photo. It was really beautiful to see everyone come together like that and show such love to a stranger.

I remember the one time one of my photos was selected for “Editor’s Favorites.” It was a picture I had taken of a Golden Orb Weaver Spider. The spider is silhouetted against florescent lighting. I had submitted it to the assignment “Urban Wildlife.” I was checking my email at my parents house when I saw the notification. I was so excited!! I told everyone, and kept checking on the assignment daily after that. While I was sad it did not make the final selection, it was still one of my happiest photography moments.

My photo that was selected as an “Editor Favorite”

It has been fun getting to go on the different assignments, comparing photos with the community, and waiting with baited breath to see whose photos would be selected. I tend to get sentimental about these things. 🙂

Now it is time to find something new, something different for my photos. It will be a good opportunity to explore what is out there and find something fun.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to let me reminisce! Hope you all had a good Halloween,


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