How a very tired mom makes a creative cake

Soon I will be posting my instructions for creating a Pokemon rock cake. While I did enjoy making the cake, it was not without it’s trials. I wanted to share the story behind the cake to show that we are all human and tired and sometimes we have to keep pushing through. 🙂 See below for the real story behind the cake.

  1. Have your husband request you to make a Pokemon cake for an upcoming event. Agree because it sounds like fun and you forget you are already crazy stressed and should not be trusted with any more tasks.
  2. While driving, imagine this great cake design: Plastic Pokemon figurines surrounded by rock candy you grew yourself. The rock candy will look like the stones they use in the show. You can also dye the frosting blue, red, green, and yellow: Then you can make the top of the cake look like water, fire, leaves, and lightning .
  3. Do a quick Pinterest search: Nobody else had this idea. This will be a great blog post that everyone will want to click on.
  4. Find a blog page on how to create rock candy using Koolaid. It involves sugar water that you suspend bamboo sticks in for two weeks. During the two weeks little sugar crystals will form creating the rock candy. You can even watch the crystals grow through the translucent water.
  5. Try making the recipe while getting distracted by husband watching Dragon Ball Z (seriously though, how does Vegeta become a good guy??).
  6. Add Koolaid to the cups and figure out that the “Lemon-aid” mix is not yellow but a light red. Decide that lightning will be eliminated from the final design.
  7. Realize you cannot see your bamboo sticks through the water because you put too much Koolaid in. Thus, you will not be able to tell how well the crystals are growing.
  8. Put rock candy on a shelf in the hutch, deciding that it would be a nice, quiet place to grow (the crystals will not grow if they are disturbed). Have the little one find the hutch for the first time in his life, then bang the doors open and closed on it.
  9. Go to the grocery store to buy yellow cake mix and frosting because you are too tired to make a cake from scratch. Decide on Betty Crocker only because it is on sale.
  10. Bake the cake. After pouring the mixture into the pan, realize you forgot to add the oil. Pour mixture back into the mixing bowl and add oil.
  11. Check the rock candy after two weeks. Nothing has grown at all. Zilch. The only thing you have to show for your work is a sticky Koolaid syrup.
  12. Go to the candy store on main street to buy rock candy.
  13. Get distracted on the way back to the car by a baby store and someone getting arrested at a restaurant.
  14. Get back to the house with your new baby toy, and play with the little one for an hour before remembering you were on a mission.
  15. Frost the cake. Contemplate leaving the cake white because at the moment it looks good.
  16. Decide that “Fortune Favors the Bold,” and dye your remaining frosting red, blue, and green.
  17. Mentally divide the cake into thirds and start frosting the different colors. Hope that nothing goes terribly wrong. Suddenly remember the cake you make that ended up looking like a toilet (it was supposed to be a lake….).
  18. Finish the frosting, breathe a sigh of relief that it didn’t end in disaster.
  19. Sit down to take a 5 minute break before finishing. Have it be 45 minutes because the cat crawled on your lap and he was too cute to move.
  20. Add the rock candy and Pokemon figurines.
  21. Decide that was fun, you could improve on it, and you want to do another one because you have not learned your lesson.
Side by Side: The bag of candy is the one I bought from the candy store. The plate of sticks was the result of my own efforts after two weeks. 🙂

🙂 Have a great week everyone!


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