I Sold My First Stock Photo!!

Oh happy morning! I had some extra time today, so I was going over my blogs and emails. I decided to check on my Shutterstock account. Sadly, I have been busy so I hadn’t been keeping up on it like I should have. I opened it up expecting to see the downloads ticker reading 0 still. But to my surprise, it said that I now have a download! It was an image i took of a brick wall, one I took specifically for uploading to Shutterstock. I also made $1.88 on the sale. 🙂

Even though it is just one photo that was downloaded, it is a wonderful feeling. I had worked really hard for awhile, hoping one of my photos was good enough that someone actually wanted to buy it. After losing my chance to be on a National Geographic assignment, this feels like a huge win. 🙂

I will keep everyone posted on if I sell anymore photos, or what happens with anything I do on Shutterstock. Thank you everyone who took the time to enjoy this moment with me. 🙂


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