Saving for another day: Concert Photography

My original start to this post: “In a few days, I will get to go to a KC and the Sunshine Band concert! It will be a fun time with music, family, and…. a chance to capture some truly wonderful moments! I am going to use this as my first try at taking my photography to the next level. I can’t wait to try out the new skills I have been learning. I want to capture not only the concert, but our family and the crowd as well. I have been researching tips on how to take good photos at concerts, and I am so excited to try it out!

I typed this out about a week ago. The concert was going to be last weekend. However, due to Hurricane Dorian, KC and the Sunshine Band were unable to fly out of Florida. The concert was postponed until next year. I was disappointed to hear the news, but my thoughts and prayers are with the members of the band (and the rest of the East Coast) as they go through this ordeal. I hope that they can make it through safely.

And while I could not try out my skills last weekend, all was not lost. I still was learning the ins-and-outs of my camera. And there may be some time when I will get to attend a concert before next year.

Above all, I want to remain positive. Although I have now had two events that have not turned out great for my photography adventure, everything is still good. I have my LO playing beside me right now, a purring cat on the other side, and a cup of coffee. All is still good, and I know that it might take some time. Someday though, I will be able to showcase photography skills I am proud of.

Thank you everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day. And to those of you on the East Coast of the USA – please be safe. <3


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