Sewing Project: 3 Different Nerdy Tablecloths

Hello everyone! I spent yesterday making tablecloths, and wanted to show everyone the finished products. I can sew fairly well, but usually do not have enough time to do anything very complex. My husband and I had bought some “material squares” a few months ago. One had the periodic table of elements on it, and the other had the planets on it. We thought that these would make good educational tablecloths for the LO. I made tablecloths out of the two fabric sheets, and a Pokemon tablecloth out of some other material I bought.

The first one I made was the periodic table of elements one. For this one, I used a base material that had numbers all over it. I added strips of black material to the sides so that it would be wide enough to fit the table. I then put the Periodic Table square in the middle. The fabric square already had a border, which was nice.

The second one I made was the Pokemon one. I had originally planned to make pillowcases out of the material, so I had already chopped up the material. Since I had the material in sections already, I decided to piece it together using strips of black material and create a quilt-like effect.

The third one I made was the planet one. I happened to have some turquoise material that I could use for a border. After I added the turquoise border, I added generic planet material to the ends to make it long enough for the table.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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