Shooting the Moment: Ducks on a Frozen Pond

The little one and I went down to the park this weekend. This particular park has a moderate pond, which is usually home to about a dozen ducks or so. However, on this day when we went, the pond was filled with close to 100 water fowl! There were a variety of creatures: Canadian Geese, Mallards, white geese, etc. After the LO and I got done playing on the playground, we headed over to the lake to get a better view.

It was amazing to see so many ducks in one spot. I was half tempted to go home and come back with my DSLR camera ( I really should start taking it with me more places). Even with just my phone, I was able to get quite a few shots I was happy with. 🙂

A group of ducks on a partially frozen pond
Closeup of the Mallards on the ice
Panoramic view of the pond and ducks

Photo Ideas

  • A shot of a duck diving underwater, with its tail stuck up in the air
  • A duck with it’s wings spread out wide
  • A shot of just the details of the feet
  • Try to get a feel for how many waterfowl are there. It could be just a couple, or 200!
  • Get a shot that showcases not only the ducks, but the season. Ice and snow for winter, flowers for spring, etc.

Have a great week!


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