A week or so ago there was a fog system that moved into the area. While fog is not that uncommon, it was unusual for it to last so long into the day. I was excited at the chance to shoot some fog photos, because I had never gotten a good chance to do so before. I didn’t have time to get my good camera, so I was once again relegated to using the camera on my phone.

The fog descending into the background

I was able to get a couple shots of the fog that I really liked. I then edited a few of them with the settings on my phone. Some of the special settings/filters on the phone helped accentuate the fog. Plus, it gave the photos an other-worldly feel to them.

Fog on the Street

As we go into the week, I will leave you with this fog pun: I tried to catch some fog, but I mist. 🙂


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