Shooting the Moment: Pond Shore

Today I went to the park with my little one and dad. While they had fun playing on the playground, I explored the shores of the nearby pond. This was the same pond that was frozen over a month ago, and had been the resting ground for a variety of ducks. Now the pond has completely thawed. Most of the ducks had flown away, leaving only a handful of feathered friends behind.

The thawing made the shoreline visible once again. I circled the entire pond to see what I could find. It is amazing what you can see turning your gaze from the gleaming surface of the water to the ripping, tiny waves of the shore. There were feathers, insects, and discarded trash. Below is a gallery of some of the images I took

I shot most of these on auto mode. I did get some images on manual mode, but was having a hard time adjusting my settings. Shooting on auto mode seemed to be doing the trick though, so I went with it. I am submitting these images to Shutterstock – hopefully some of them will be approved!

Hope this provides some inspiration the next time you are walking around a pond shore! Have a great weekend,


2 Thoughts on “Shooting the Moment: Pond Shore

  1. To think that the most innocent things that become litter.
    I really enjoyed the picture of the wasp!

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