Shooting the Moment: Red Robin

On a recent hike, I had taken along my camera in hopes of finding some photogenic animals or scenes. I was in luck, because there was a pretty red robin that was willing to pose for me. I saw him at the end of our hike, perched in some brush. I immediately pulled out my camera and started shooting. The bird seemed to know what I was doing, because he ever so nicely kept changing his position so I could get a better shot. Fortunately my camera specializes in zooming, so I did not need to change any lens for these shots.

Where the bird first was, there was a small twig cutting across the frame. It created an unwanted distraction across the body, separating the head from the body. However, the bird kept hoping down the bush, moving out of the way of unwanted branches. This also added the bonus of changing the background for the shot, which added variety to the many images I was taking.

He also was a curious guy, and kept looking our way. I was able to get a couple of head-on shots which was nice. I enjoyed getting the chance to photography him, and several of the shots I took were accepted to Shutterstock. This adds a nice bonus to the day.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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