It is hard to believe a new year is already upon us! 2019 is all wrapped up, and now it is time for a new decade. A new decade means new goals and welcoming a unknown future. I hope you are getting a chance to think about your own goals and aspirations, both photography and other. 🙂 I have come up with goals for this blog and my photography. For the first time, I created a “vision board” for my new year’s goals. It was a lot of fun to make it, and I will hang it in a place where I can see it daily.

My board contains the 52 week challenge I am going to try, some of my old photos, my goals, and motivational quotes. I also included some butterfly stickers for my blog name. Below is an image of my finalized vision board. I have a couple of specific goals for this year, along with some vague ones.

My 2020 Vision board!

52 Week Challenge

In 2019 I tried doing monthly photo challenges, which involved taking a photo every day. This time around, I wanted to do a weekly photo challenge. I am hoping if I have a whole week to complete the challenge, then I will be able to get a better shot. I looked at Pinterest for several challenges, and I liked this one the best. It is by Everyday Eye Candy, and their Pinterest account can be found at I am hoping to use this as a “Photo Friday,” and post weekly updates on my Facebook page. It is a goal I am really looking forward to!

Make $35 on Shutterstock

This might seem like an odd goal. Mainly I want to sell more of my images on Shutterstock, and having a monetary goal will help. $35 is the minimum payout amount for Shutterstock, so I figured that would be a good goal to start with. For the 6 months I have been a contributor, I have had one imaged downloaded for $1.88. I know this means I have a long way to go, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

Holidays, Meaningful Moments, Special Times

This year, I am adding a little more structure to my posts. I am going to have three main categories: Special Moments, Capturing the Day, and Shooting the Day. Special moments will be those events and gatherings that are planned out. For these I will be able to do some pre-planning and be able to take better shots. Capturing the Day is going to be holidays and multi-parted events. There are a lot of “wacky” holidays that would be fun to try and capture. These events will most likely have multiple parts to them. Shooting the Day is those unexpected moments: Weather phenomena, running into a car show, things like that. These are ones that I do not have any pre-planning for, so I will have to do some creative thinking on the spot.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of mine! I also hope that 2020 will be your decade. 🙂


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