What can I find on our morning walk?

Early Sunday morning, we decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood. I thought to myself that this would be a great chance to find some photo opportunities. I was pushing a stroller (walks are way more fun with a LO along!) so I just had my phone camera. I figured if there was anything super extraordinary, I could return later with one of my other cameras. I was excited that I got to go on a photo hunt all while walking with my family – best of both worlds!

The first shot I saw was a lone rock sitting in the street. Sprinkler runoff had made a small stream next to it, creating an interesting effect. Overall, I like the composition of the photo. However, I had to darken it due to the bright light causing overexposure. I also think next time I would try not to get the horizontal cement crack in the photo. It creates extra noise in the image, and draws attention away from the single stone with it’s long shadow.

Next I found a gravel patch I wanted to shoot. Although not very unique composition wise, it looked like it would be a good background image. I uploaded it (and the others) to Shutterstock, to see if they work well in the stock photography arena.

Near the house there is a pile of wood chips that were what remained from an Elm tree stump. I wanted to get a macro shot of the chips. While I like the idea of this, this image was also in direct sunlight, so I had to darken it. Any photos submitted to NG YourShot have to be unedited, so I will need to learn how to take photos that do not need to be altered. Also, I think this image would also be better with a camera that could capture that fine macro detail.

This last image was next to the sidewalk. There was an area submerged by water, making the dirt wet and dark. There were some sticks, stones, and debris that make for interesting composition. I do think this one has room for improvement as well, but as of this moment I am unsure what would help. As I continue shooting, I would like to compare these images to the ones I will take later on.

I am enjoying this new adventure I am on! I am looking more and more at the scenes around me that I want to capture and preserve. There is a challenge in looking at the world and seeing it in a new light. I hope this week brings you a fun photo adventure. 🙂


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